"Being able to utilize knowledge stored in a worldwide data archive is one of the pioneering services on the web today. Interdisciplinary research labs work on the topic of Semantic Web to connect the unrelated data into an interactive knowledge structure of virtual thinking space." (pdf)
"Heute zählt es zu den Pionierleistungen im Web, das Wissen im weltumspannenden Datenarchiv nutzen zu können. Interdisziplinäre Labors forschen am ›Semantic Web‹, das beziehungslose Daten zu einer interaktiven Wissensstruktur, zu virtuellen Denkräumen verbindet." Monika Fleischmann In: 60 Jahre Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. S. 21 (pdf)
»If we don't support media art and digital culture, the quality of life gets lost through the dominance of the machine.« 
»Wenn wir digitale Kunst und Medienkultur nicht unterstützen, wird die Qualität des Lebens durch die Dominanz der Maschinen verlorengehen.« Monika Fleischmann. In: DFG Kongress: Bildung in der Wissensgesellschaft: Zwischen Sinnenreich und Cyberspace, Universität Giessen
"I want to visualise the impact of technology on society, to understand that increasingly we inhabit two worlds: the one we live in with our bodies and the one inside computer networks." In: Women, Art and Technology, Judy Malloy (2003)
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Monika Fleischmann is a pioneering german research artist, digital media scientist and a curator of new media art. Her work - realized in partnership with architect Wolfgang Strauss - is ranging from fashion to architecture, with poetic + social designs that intuitively interact with people, environment + landscape. Their work on the concept of interactivity with interactive installations and knowledge discovery tools is part of ZKM Center for Art & Media collection, Karlsruhe. In 1987 she was a founding member and Deputy Head of ART+COM in Berlin, the first research and development center for computer-aided design. Since 1993 she built up the internationally recognized MARS - Exploratory Media Lab at GMD-Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik, from 2001 at Fraunhofer Society were she worked until 2014. In 2008 she was appointed Honorary Professor of Media Theory and Interactive Media Art at University of Applied Sciences, Bremen. International lectures and teaching; seminars and workshops at University Siegen (DE), Donau-University Krems (AT), Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and others.  Further education: MOOC in Design Thinking and Artistic Research at Stanford University, Promotion in Vienna/Zurich. Monika is Member of the of the MIMA ART Board at MIMA University | Munich Institute of Media and Musical Arts. 

Born in Karlsruhe, grown up in Donaueschingen, lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, today in Berlin and Gargnano. Studied art education, theatre studies, philosophy, computer graphics, fashion design in Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Stanford. Her multidisciplinary background made her an expert in the world of digital media, new media art and media studies. Digital Culture and Knowledge Media were main research topics at Fraunhofer Research Society over decades.

» Research on : Monika Fleischmann
» Researchgate: Monika Fleischmann
» Monika Fleischmann Facebook (2016), Fleischmann-Strauss Facebook (2017), 
» CV Dez 2013
» eMail: monika [at]


The artistic and scientific work of new media pioneers Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss is internationally recognized, exhibited and awarded. At the intersection of art, science, technology and society they develop methods, models and works to link real and virtual space in an emerging media-culture.

In 1987 Fleischmann & Strauss started to work together on the topic of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality combining real objects and virtual environments. In 1998 they carried out the requirements of an online competence centre for art, culture and new media. The CAT feasability study on Communication of Art & Technology was supported by the Fedral Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF) and accompanied with generous funding for the media art research archive & platform

In 2002 the Fraunhofer IMK - MARS Exploratory Media Lab was invited by Itau Cultural in Sao Paulo, Brazil as one of the 15 internationally recognized Art & Technology Labs. Applications & tools of MFWS such as Semantic Map, PointScreen, Interactive Poster were awarded groundbreaking products of the 21 century in 2008.

From 2008 - 12 their online archive for media arts is exhibited at ZKM Center for Art & Media Technology in Karlsruhe: – Performing the Archive. At the same time one of their first media art works Liquid Views of 1992 was presented in Seville, Spain in YOUniverse at BIACS (2008/09). Liquid Views and were also part of the YOUser II exibition at ZKM in Karlsruhe 2009 and of Ars Electronica History Lounge 2009. In 2011, the exhibition Performing Data - Monika Fleischmann | Wolfgang Strauss, a review of their work was shown at Laznia CCA in Gdansk, Poland and was supported by the german IFA | Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen Catalog - (pdf, en/pl). 2012-13 the ZKM | Center for Art & Media, Karlsruhe, Germany presents: Inter-Facing the Archive. The Media Art Portal (Images on Facebook).

» Fleischmann & Strauss on Wikipedia. Peer review & evaluation of MFWS' works (PDF).


Studies of Fashion Design in Zurich, Visual Arts, Art Education, School- and Theatre Play in Berlin. Worked in fashion industry in Germany, France and Italy.
» Since 1987 Studio for Architecture & Digital Media in partnership with Wolfgang Strauss;
» 1988 - 1992
Co-founder and Vice President of Art+Com e.V., Berlin. Institute for the future of the new media in the realm of art, architecture, design & communication;
» 1990 - to date
Founding Member of La Premiere Rue, European Center for interdisciplinary cultural projects at Corbusier-Unité, Briey-en-Forêt, France;
» 1992 - 1993 Fellow at Academy of Media Arts Cologne [KHM] Cologne, Germany and Research Fellow, GMD-German National Research Center for IT, St Augustin;
» since 1994 - 1997 Leadership of research groups, Research Artist and Scientist at GMD Institute for Media Communication,
Sankt Augustin (D);
» 1997 - 2008 Head of Research Department Media Arts & Research Studies, the Fraunhofer IMK -
MARS – Exploratory Media Lab;
2008 - 2013 Research Artist & Scientist on Digital Culture, Knowledge Media - Arts of Knowledge at Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analyze and Information System (IAIS);
» since 10/2012 to date: Independent research on the international development of media art.


» Evaluation of MA in Professional Media Creation, SAE - Folkwang, Bochum-Essen
» Ehrenamtliche Mitarbeit an dem Buch: 'Friedrichshain kocht' des Berliner Büchertisch, das u.a. durch Crowdfunding finanziert wurde
» since 2013 Member of MIMA ART Board - MIMA | Munich Institute of Media and Musical Arts.
Appointed by Klaus Wolfgang Wildner
» 2013 ERC Reviewer for Synergy Grants, Brussels;
» 2009-2013 Member of the ERC European Research Council: Bringing Great Ideas to Life. Panel "Cultures and cultural production: literature, visual & performing arts, music, cultural and comparative studies" for Starting Grants to support investigator-driven frontier research. Appointed by Helga Nowotny. => Research Enquiry Service

» since 2011 Member of the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture;
» since 2008
Hon.-Prof. for Media Theory & Interactive Media Art, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen appointed by Helmut Eirund.

» since 2008 Hon.-Professor of Media Theory and Interactive Media Art at the Digital Media Program, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen; international teaching (Goldsmiths - University of London, Universität Krems, Hyperwerk FHNW Basel, Universität Siegen);
» 2002-07 Member of the Control Board (Aufsichtsrat): Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin (KKB) GmbH - for the House of World Cultures, the Berlinale and the Berliner Festspiele - appointed by the German Federal Ministers of Culture Julian Nida-Rümelin (02), Christina Weiss (03-05), Bernd Neumann (06-07).
» 2002-07 Head of Advisory Board: House of World Cultures/Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
» 2005 Evaluation-Team of the Acquin – Accreditation Institute for the Digital Media Program of Bremen Universities and Academies with Jens Geelhaar, Bernd Fröhlich, Christoph Zydorek
» 2005 Member of the Finding Commission of Christina Weiss, Federal Minister of Culture, for the new Intendant of the House of World Cultures, Berlin with Max Hollein, Elisabeth Schweeger, Joachim Sartorius
» 2004 New Media Advisor for the Enquete-Kommission Kultur in Deutschland of the German Bundestag in Berlin.
» 2004 Reviewer of the Concept for an Institute for Digital Culture of Ars Electronica, Lentos Museum and Kunstuniversität Linz for the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, Vienna, Austria.
» 2003-06 Member of the Board of directors of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Media Communication (IMK), Sankt Augustin, Germany, appointed by Martin Reiser.
» 2003 to date: Member of the Board of

» 2002 to date: Editorial Advisory Board for the international Journal Technoetic Arts, appointed by Roy Ascott.
» 2002 to date: Member of Advisory Board of DigiArts, Virtual Library Projects of UNESCO, appointed by Roger Malina.
» 2001 Task Force Swiss Peer-Review - Evaluation Expert for »Swiss Programme of Media Studies«, Chair Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitt, Delegierter für internationale institutionelle Angelegenheiten ETH (ex Vice-President), Zurich, Switzerland.
» 2000 Member of EU Consortium for the Research Program ExpressioN. Partner: Starlab, Brussels, Belgium.
» 1998-2002 Member of the Expert Group: Entwicklung multimedialer Gestaltungs- kompetenz, Academie Remscheid, Germany.
» 1998-99 EXPO2000 Hannover, Germany - Advisory Board Member for Knowledge: Information, Communication.
» 1997-98 Member of EU Consortium: Intelligent Information Interfaces (I3), Brussels.
» 1997 Strategic Research Foundation, Stockholm – Member of Review Board for the evaluation of two New Media Institutes - AMIT and MIMS in Stockholm and Malmö - with Andrew Lippmann - MIT Media Lab, Boston, Gillian Crampton-Smith - Royal College of Art, London, Jakob Nielsen – Sun, Denmark.
» 1996-2003 Goethe Institute«, Munich, Germany - Advisory Board Member for Media & New Media Art with Regina Wyrwoll, Siegfried Zielinsky a.o.
» 1996 Curator of Art Gallery, ACM Multimedia, Boston: Storytelling after Cinema.
» 1996 IN ART Festival, Teneriffa, Spain. Advisory Board Member with Karin Ohlenschläger, Roy Ascott, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Wolfgang Strauss. Producer: Telefonica, Spain. 


» 1992 Golden Nica for Interactive Art for Home of the Brain, Ars Electronica, Linz, A;
» 2000/01 the TIME magazine ranks Monika Fleischmann among the People to Watch;
» 2002 the Fraunhofer IMK - MARS Exploratory Media Lab is internationally recognized as one of the leading 14 Art & Technology Labs;
» 2002 - 2007 Member of the Supervisory Board of the Confederation of cultural events in Berlin GmbH [KBB];
2003 - 2006 Member of the Board of Directors of the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication (IMK);
» 2007 US-Patent for PointScreen - Theremin inspired touchless technology, that takes in advance new cognitive models and bio-sensory interfaces;
2007 The Interactive Poster, the Semantic Map and the PointScreen are among the "ground-breaking ideas that" change our lives. Presented in 100 Products of the Future by Nobel Laureate TW Hänsch, Econ, Berlin;