Digital Media Art Pioneers Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss explore interactive media since 1987 as research artists in scientific environments. They do research in New Media Art, Architecture, Interface Design, Media Art Theory and the concept of Interactivity.  Moving from Berlin to Bonn as research fellows at KHM and research artists at GMD (1992/93), they become leading figures in the exploration into areas such as non-linear and interactive narratives. They establish art & science institutions such as ArtWork (1987), Art+Com (1987), La Première Rue (1989) and the MARS - Exploratory Media Lab (1996) and the eCulture Factory (2005) at Fraunhofer (1996-2008). MARS became internationally recognized as one of the leading departments for Media |Arts |Research |Studies. With (1997-ongoing) they created a platform for interactive art and media art education. 2007 ECCO, the gesture based interface technology, was patented in the US. First applications were MARS Bag, Info-Jukebox and PointScreen (»more).

History of Pen and Gesture Computing See [FleischmannM07a], [Fraunhofer06], [Strauss06]. Google Scholar: Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss.

Research Topics:

 Urban Media
, 2014. Visualizing the hidden city - Make the inhabitants visible - longterm research. [Artistic research example : Energy-Passages]

» Practice Based Research in the Arts, MOOC in Philosophy & Practice, Stanford University
» Getting Older with the Flow ( workspace), MOOC on Design Thinking, Stanford University

Performing the Archive 2009-13, narrative and semantic interfaces for digital archives.

 Wissenskünste 2004 - ongoing. Staging information, data mapping, information visualisation, tools for knowledge discovery, digital information as aesthetic experience, knowledge arts. Exhibitions since 2006, ZKM, Karlsruhe 2007-09, Lecture: Possible Futures, São Paulo, Brazil 2012 1997 (online since 2001) Community based Online Archive for Media Arts Research & Education

 Digital Sparks 2001 - 08. Student contest in German speaking Europe. Long term research on curated community generated content combined with monitoring media art education.

 eCulture Factory 2005. Media Arts Research Transfer Project into digital products: Virtual Book, Interactive Poster, Media flow - and other Archive-Browser for exhibitions in Art, Science & Industry as well as Theremin-based Interfaces such as the PointScreen gesture based patented technology. (Theremin-Praktikumsarbeit von Donzelli-Goldschmidt-Hornischer-Nuber-Schulze-Wüst, Betreuer George, Universität Göttingen, 2010) (Image), (PR)

 CAT - Communication of Art and Technology 1999-2004. Research & Development of Internet platform and online archive for media arts and electronic culture.

 SONG - PortalS of Next Generation 1999-2001. Applied Mixed Reality Multi-User environments and tangible interfaces, MPEG-4, Avatars and Agents.

 Safira 1999-2001 Supporting affective interaction in real time applications. Providing computers with the ability to model and express human-like emotions with usually impossible capabilities.

 eRENA 1997-2000 Electronic aRENAs for Culture, Performance, Art & Entertainment. Digital Technologies for performative artistic production. (KTH, ZKM, MiraLab, Nottingham, GMD)