2018   SIGGRAPH Lifetime Achievement Award in Digital Art and Awards Presentation - Vancouver, Monday, August 13th, 2018, advance program pdf       

2017    Monika Fleischmann awarded with the 25 Women Inventors Award (Magazin)   

2014    Prix Ars Electronica, Visionary Pioneers of Media Art, Linz, A (nominated)

2013    Arte Laguna Prize - Venice, Italy: Liquid Views, Finalist
2010    Ort der Ideen: Landmark Winner - (Press-Info at ZKM)
2010    File Prix Lux, Electronic Language Festival, São Paulo: Medienfluss nominated
2010    Art of Engineering: Medienfluss Browser (Finalist)
2009    Design Award of Federal Republic of Germany:  Medienfluss Installation nominated
2007    IF Communication Design Award: Medienfluss Installation|Media Flow, Press-Info
2007    ITK Innovation Award – Communication for PointScreen.
2007    Deutschland – Land der Ideen: One of 365 Landmarks for eCulture Factory
2006    New Media Award of Stuttgarter Filmwinter: Stadtkörper
2005    IF Communication Design Award: Energie-Passagen (PR)
2005    Medida-Prix Audience Award/Publikumspreis:
2005    Intern. Media Award for Art & Science of SWR & ZKM for Semantic Map
2005    Grimme Online - Knowledge & Education: nominated
2003    Grimme Online - Web Media: nominated
2002    Europrix Quality Seal: Knowledge, Discovery and Culture for
2002    Dieter Baacke Award for Media Pedagogy for Workshop I see, what you hear
2002    Prix Ars Electronica - Net Vision/Net Excellence: nominated
2002    Grimme Online - Media Competence / Professional: nominated
1996    Artists in NRW/Germany: Monika Fleischmann nominated for the Grand Prix
1995    Sparky Award of Interactive Media Festival, LA: Liquid Views nominated
1993    Unesco Award: Rigid Waves nominated
1993    Prix Pixel Ina of Imagina, Monte Carlo: Home of the Brain nominated
1992    Prix Ars Electronica, Linz: Golden Nica for interactive Art for Home of the Brain (worldwide first artistic, immersive VR-installation with head-mounted displays)


2014 Momentum: Women/Art/Technology - MF's work is added to this platform that introduces a global community of female artists.
2013 MF becomes a member of MIMA University Art Board | Munich Institute of Media + Musical Arts
2010 - the first platform for interactive art and media education (online since 2001) initiated in 1998 with the CAT study (pdf) by Fleischmann & Strauss is hosted at ZKM - the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe permanently
2010 MF Member of European Expert Network on Culture - the EENC platform
2008 - 2012 MF Member of the International Advisory Board: Bringing Great Ideas to Life of the ERC European Research Council Panel "Cultures and cultural production: literature, visual & performing arts, music, cultural and comparative studies".
2008 MF awarded as Hon.-Prof. for Media Art Theory & Practice, University of Applied Science, Bremen
2007 Referred to as Groundbreaking Products of 21 Century: Semantic Map, PointScreen, Interactive Poster. In: 100 Produkte der Zukunft. Theodor W. Hänsch (ed), Econ
2004 MF New Media Advisor for the Enquete-Kommission Kultur in Deutschland of the German Bundestag in Berlin.
2003 - 2006 MF Fraunhofer IMK - Board of Directors | in Fraunhofer IMK Direktorium berufen
2002 - 2007 MF im Aufsichtsrat der Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin (KBB) GmbH
2002 - 2007 MF im Programmbeirat des Hauses der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin und übernimmt dessen Vorsitz
1999 Fleischmann & Strauss' work is represented at ADA Archive of Digital Art (former Database of Virtual Art) initiated by Oliver Grau.
1996 - 2003 MF - Member of the Advisory Board for Media & New Media Art at Goethe Institute, Munich
1987 – 1992 ART + COM Board of Directors - (Deputy) chairwoman


2007 ECCO "Gesture-based input device for a user interface of a computer"
The interface technology ECCO was patented in the US for Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss, Yinlin Li and Christoph Groenegress from Fraunhofer IAIS. The innovative Interface and new paradigm of - contactless - human-computer-interaction (HCI) is inspired by the Theremin, the first electronic music instrument. Both are based on Electric Field Sensing (EFS), which measure dynamic, movement and gestures of the human body. First applications were MARS Bag, Info-Jukebox and PointScreen of  
History of Pen and Gesture Computing 


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Information Jukebox – A semi-public device for presenting multimedia information content. Wolfgang Strauss, Monika Fleischmann, Jochen Denzinger, Christoph Groenegress, Yinlin Li. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Appliance Design 2003. Springer Journal on Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. London, 2003, pp. 217-220. Published on

Gesture frame – a screen navigation system for interactive multimedia kiosks. Yinlin Li; Christoph Groenegress; Wolfgang Strauss; Monika Fleischmann. In: Camurri, A. (ed). Gesture-based communication in human-computer interaction: 5th International Gesture Workshop, GW 2003, Genova, Italy, April 15 – 17, 2003; selected revised papers. Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, 2004 (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2915) ISBN: 3-540-21072-5. S.380-385.


Interfacedesign: In Echtzeit interaktiv agieren. Tatiana Rosenstein. digital production 1/2004, S. 177-179. Published on